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Cemetery Lot/site information

1.     Each full lot contains 8 sites.(i.e. Lot 100, sites 1-8)

2.     Exceptions are scattered around the cemetery, where they

        may contain 2-6 sites.

3.     Headstones/grave markers will be confined to the two feet at

        the immediate head of each site. (West end) And not exceed

        36” wide (single) 60” wide (Double) and not over 30” tall.

4.     Burial sites measure 5'X10'.

5.     Each burial site allows one full burial and three cremains

        spaced equidistant from head to foot. (approximately 32 inches

        apart from head to foot)

6.     Cremains markers can be no larger than 12"X24"  as secondary

        markers  and must be placed flush with the ground.(see #5)

7.     All markers at the head of the site (primary)  require a concrete

        base, 4"-6" wider or longer than the bottom of the marker.

8.     Primary markers will be placed at the West end of the site

        facing East.

9.     All full burials require an approved liner.



$300 Each 5x10 foot site

Opening & Closing Full Burial

$300 Weekdays

$325 Weekends

$50 Extra November-March

$400 For Cement Liner (Required for casket burials)


Cremation Opening & Closing

(On an owned Site)

$150 Weekdays

$175 Weekends

$25 Extra November - March



Full Burial on a week day with lot purchase is $1000.00

We have a limited number of single Cremain only burial lots available for $200.00

Make checks payable to Carlton Cemetery Association

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