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General Rules & Etiquette for Flowers and Memorabilia

These following rules apply to everyone.


These rules are necessary in the summer to aid in mowing and irrigating effectively and generally keeping wind from blowing items around and causing the grounds to appear messy.


In the winter items can quickly get covered in snow and forgotten leaving a mess at the spring thaw. We want to offer the ability to remember your loved ones and memorialize their life but at the same time we want to maintain a pleasant viewing experience for everyone.


In the case of all decorations, the cemetery is not liable or responsible for theft, loss, or removal of decorations. Cemetery staff will remove any decorations it feels are not appropriate without notification.

Be aware that mowing and weed eating can lead to damaged decorations.

As this is a new policy for 2023, some decorations will be grandfathered in and allowed to violate the current rules as long as the current displays are well maintained.

  • NO decorations are to be mounted or perched on the headstones, this includes bench type headstones.

  • Funeral flowers from graveside burial services are usually removed in less than a week. If you would like to remove ribbons or buds from the displays, it is best to do so sooner rather than later. 

  • Permanent grave decorations like solar lights, angels, etc must be fastened to the headstone base.  Fresh flower vases are allowed but the flowers are temporary (see below). Cemetery staff can remove cracked, damaged, or not working permanent decorations at its discretion.

  • Temporary grave decorations such as potted plants, flags, pin wheels, flowers and floral displays, personal items, or things that stick in the ground are allowed but will be cleaned up when they become weathered or start losing parts.

  • Holidays: include Valentines day, Mother’s & Father’s Day, Veteran’s and Memorial Day, the date of death, Christmas and All Souls Day. On these occasions the decorations will be left for 5 total days, 2 on each side of the holiday. Metal or wood trees can be installed at the head of the grave for hanging items. Outside of these holidays hangers are not allowed and will be taken down and stored behind the maintenance shed. Hangers behind the shed may be disposed of in the spring so make sure you pick them up if you want to reuse them. Grave blankets are allowed on the day of the holiday only.

  • Plants, Trees, bushes or Perennials are not allowed to be planted.

  • Items that produce noise such as wind chimes are not allowed.

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