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The Florence Carlton Church

In 1883, Robert Carlton, a Roman Catholic, saw the need for a church and cemetery in the community. He gave the land the church was built on to three representatives of the Methodist church, and community members finished construction of the building in 1884.

The church closed in 1924, and was eventually deeded to the present-day owners, the Florence-Carlton Cemetery Association.

The congregation began restoring the abandoned church in the 1950s, and eventually became the non-denominational congregation they are today.

As the congregation steadily grew over the following decades, a new church was built in 1983 on land above the historic church. The new building, called the Florence-Carlton Community Church, is much larger and more modern compared to the uncomplicated shape and white-washed siding of the old one, but the Carlton Church still sees some use.


Bob Porch sits in the historic Carlton Church near Florence. A member of the church for more than 60 years, Porch has helped to maintain and restore the building. The church was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2012.


Easter Morning Sunrise Service 7 a.m

Memorial Day Service

7 a.m.

Veterans Day Flag Raising

Cowboy Church Wednesdays 6:59 p.m.


Schedule a weekly activity or special event with the church office



Bible Studies

Fellowship Hall

Also on the cemetery grounds is the old parish, now used by many community groups for meetings. It features a large hall, full kitchen and restroom.

Church Office

The Florence Carlton Community Church coordinates the activities in these 2 buildings, contact them for availability


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